Dmitry Teselkin

Dmitry Teselkin’s project “Constructor” is based on a simple geometric form, which in the rapport constantly creates new visual worlds. Teselkin reinterprets this shape time and again and expands it with versatile materials such as cardboard, plexiglass, metal, stone or concrete. He finds inspiration in minimalism, industrial design in connection with social intervention and a reflection that perceives art as a game.

Vita Dmitry Teselkin
Born 1985 in Nizhny Tagil
Lives and works in Moskau and Aachen

Exhibitions (Selection)

“Constructor” Galerie Freitag 18.30 Aachen, Germany

“RAL 6003” MSK Eastside Gallery ( Moscow)

“Small Things” Vin Gallery (Vietnam HCMC)
“New Wave Uncut” MSK Eastside Gallery (Moscow)

“Movingart&openspace” sac Pino Pascali Foundation(Italy)
“4 tales from the belley of the whale.” The Flat Massimo Carasi. (Milan, Italy)

“Big Moscow 2” State Museum of Architecture. A.V. Shchusev. (Moscow)
“Art Pogost 2012” Creative Manor “Guslitsa” (Moscow)

“HUG” Loft”6/2″ (Moscow) SOLO
“Art is Art is Art …” MoMA Moscow
Exhibition Award Nominees Sergei Kuryokhin Prize. (St. Petersburg)

“Next Level” Gallery “XL” (Moscow) SOLO
“20 Years of Love” MoMA Moscow (Moscow)
“New Formalism”, Museum of Urban Sculpture (St. Petersburg)
“Do not bother …” Typography “Science” Biennale of Young Art (Moscow)

“Untitled” “G18 Gallery “. (Helsinki)
“Untitled” Gallery “CAG” (St. Petersburg)
Exhibition of nominees for Kandinsky National prize (Moscow)
“Let me think” factory “Red October” Parallel program of Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
“Rage” “Loft Project” (St. Petersburg)
Exhibition of Nominees for “Innovation 2008″ National prize National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow)

” Constructor “. NCCA ”Winzavod”, “Start” (Moscow) SOLO
” Constructor “. “Navicula artis” Gallery. (St. Petersburg) SOLO
“Invasion: evasion” Baibakov Art-project, factory “Red October” (Moscow)
“Battle City” Museum of Anna Akhmatova (St. Petersburg)
Festival “Artzavod” (Ekaterinburg)
“What are we going to play tomorrow,” Gallery “CAG” (St. Petersburg)
“Olympic Games” Institute “ProArte” (St. Petersburg)