Sascha Berretz

With his pictorial surfaces, Sascha Berretz creates a room which confuses one’s perception – between two- and three-dimensionality, between the cognition of abstract and precise forms, between fictive colour and colourlessness. One enters this room only examining. He uses photographic or other sources, which are “layered” spatially – but this specific image space does not surround the viewer anymore. Sascha Berretz constructs a framework which is just as much analogous as virtual, and consists of architectural, ornamental, and photographic references and impressions, towards physical spatial bodies that seem to be in one’s way. It is not anymore an utopian room, nor a construct for a society of the future. It is a sampled room, which plays with past ideals’ pathos, and at the same time, still serves as the fascination which once represented the inventive energy of these ideals.
(Carsten Probst)

Vita Sascha Berretz

Born 1973 in Aachen.
Studied at the Academy for Fine Arts, Maastricht (NL).
Lives and works in Aachen.


Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
St. Moritz Art Masters (CH)

Art Fair Köln
Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
St. Moritz Art Masters (CH)

Art.Fair, Köln
Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen

Art.Fair, Köln
Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
Majerus Parmentier Constructions, Sárl (LLUX))

Zollhaus, Hauset (Belgium)

Ostrale 012, Dresden
Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen

Raum für Kunst, Aachen
Ostrale 011, Dresden
Sascha Berretz, Wener Blaser, Thomas Schönauer
Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
Eremitage, Köln

Galerie Netuschil Darmstadt
Galerie Henn, Maastricht (Netherlands)
Kunstverein Aalen

Galerie Troner, Düsseldorf
10 hoch minus 25, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen

Bedauerliche Zutaten, St. Fronleichnam, Aachen

God is in the Details, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
Art Fair 21, Köln
Bildarchitekturen, ARTCO Galerie / regio IT, Aachen

Carte Blanch, St. Fronleichnam, Aachen

Down to art gallery, Gent (Belgium)
Blumen pflücken ohne Bücken, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen