Michael Kravagna

The basic principle of Michael Kravagna’s painting is the exploration of its own elementary elements: its materiality, sensuality, transcendence and its challenge to human perception. The paintings are painted in layers over long periods of time and as a result appear to be magical protocols of their own history. Many of his most recent works are each dominated by a dominant pictorial gesture: a line, a scratch, an evenly wiped surface, etc., which in ostentatious repetition dominate the formal structure of the painting. The accompanying strict, almost ceremonial process of producing the paintings does not, however, have a restrictive effect, but rather unfolds an extremely effective variety of difference and repetition. Since the beginning of his career as a painter, Kravagna has been experimenting with the composition of the painting medium and the organic transformation processes of the material. These processes are similar to the development and decay in nature: growth and decay, formation and erosion. In his works, he reflects on such natural processes of transformation of matter, motivates, accelerates, radicalizes, or restores them.

Vita Michael Kravagna
Born 1962 in Klagenfurt.
Studied at Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.
Lives and works in Saint Séverin, Nandrin, Belgium

Prizes and Scholarships

Auslandsstipendium für Madrid.
Preis des Landes Niederösterreich
Bauholding Förderungspreis für Bildende Kunst (STRABAG ART AWARD)
Prix Emma du Cayla – Martin – Académie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.

Solo Exhibitions Michael Kravagna

Quadrat, Kelag Schau-Kraftwerk Forstsee, Techelsberg am Wörthersee (AT) (Kat)
A.M. Klenes + Michael Kravagna, Galerie Monos, Lüttich (BE)

Galerie Negenpuntnegen, Roeselare, (BE)
Artmark Galerie, Wien (AT)

Galerie Faider, Brüssel (BE)
Francois du Plessis + Michael Kravagna, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen, (DE)
Michael Kravagna + R.P. Rossmann, Galerie allerArt, Remise Bludenz, (AT)

Group Exhibitions

Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen

Ostrale 016, Internationale Ausstellung zeitgenössischer Künste Dresden, (DE) (Kat)
Preview 3, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen (DE) (Kat)
Cal@Luxembourgartweek, Halle Victor Hugo, Luxembourg, (LU) (Kat)
Cal@H2O, all about water, Espace H2O Oberkorn, Luxembourg (LU) (Kat)
Art Fair, Köln

Cal@Luxembourgartweek, Halle Victor Hugo, Luxembourg, (LU) (Kat)
Preview 2, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen (DE) (Kat)
Art Fair, Köln

Art Austria
Preview, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen (DE) (Kat)
Salon 2014, Luxembourg et Grande Region, Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg, (LU) (Kat)
Kunst im Werk, Treibacher Industrie AG, Althoven, (AT)